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Travancore Restaurant is one of the Top Indian Restaurants In Aberdeen, where we have incorporated an assortment of foods from conventional to average Kerala Style. The custom incorporates Indian Breads, Appetizers, Kerala Favorite Meals, Kerala Tasty Biriyani, Indian and Naden dishes. Travancore restaurant seals the deal on the city with an excellent dining cuisine with a Naden and creative touch of the infrastructure of the entire set.

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Travancore, once a former princely state insouthwestern India is now a part of Kerala state. It is known for its rich heritage and cultural diversity. Situated along the Malabar coast, Kerala has had regular interaction with the West since ancient times. From the coming of the Arab traders to the Portuguese, Dutch and later the British, Kerala has witnessed it all. This Southern region of India is a haven of its tranquil emerald green backwaters, serene beaches, silent house boats, exotic wildlife and lush mountains. It's also home to its own unique and colourful cuisine. We would like to accompany our patrons on this stupendous culinary journey to some of the best hand-picked dishes of this region. These exotic recipes have been perfected over time and passed on from generation to generation for us to savour. Kerala cuisine has unbelievable flavours, some of the best spices in the world and the freshest ingredients.here at Travancore would like to share this with you!
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This super-star Dosa is has carried its fame from South-India to all over the world.Its fermented crepe made from rice batter and lentil filled with traditional ‘Dosa masala” on a flat griddle. Paper Dosa is larger and crispier than the masala Dosa and served with filing on the side.


Uthappam is a champion dish of Kerala prepared with fermented fine ground Rice and Lentils. They are also termed as the*’Pizza of Southern India” topped with a mix of vegetables.


Rice and lentil pancake stuffed with chicken filling and served with sambar and chutney.

Indian dosa restaurant Aberdeen

Rice and lentil pan cake thinly spread with special Keralan aromatic chutney and batter
stuffed with “Dosa Masala” created of vegetable and seasoned potato.

Popular main course


When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the

meridian sun strikes the upper.

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  • Mix seafood curry

This “Mix Seafood Curry” is an absolute delight if you are a seafood lover!

Best south Indian food in Aberdeen
  • Mix seafood platter

A fresh seafood platter is a spectacular sight, something to make your eyes light up with glee.

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  • chicken biriyani
Chicken Biryani is a savory chicken and rice dish that includes layers of chicken, rice, and aromatics that are steamed together.
Best south Indian food in Aberdeen
  • Grilled tiger prawn

Juicy and plump tiger prawns cooked on the BBQ and then coated in a garlicky lemon butter sauce. 

Chef of the Year

Jinson Paul at Travancore Restaurant (Aberdeen)

We're thrilled to announce Chef Jinson Paul of Travancore Restaurant, Aberdeen,
has been honoured as Chef of the Year at the prestigious 15th Scottish Curry

This award is a recognition of Chef Jinson’s dedication to showcasing the authentic
and varied flavours of Kerala. The Scottish Curry Awards is a celebrated event,
acknowledging the finest in Scotland’s curry cuisine, highlighting creativity,
innovation, and outstanding service.

Chef Jinson’s victory symbolizes our commitment to offering an unmatched dining
experience, infused with premium spices and fresh ingredients from Kerala’s tranquil
landscapes. We are pleased to carry on the tradition of introducing people to the
delicious food of southwest India.

Thank you so much for being such dedicated customers; this success is due to you
as much as it is to us and many congratulations to Chef Jinson Paul on this well-
deserved achievement, here’s to more culinary explorations and unforgettable
flavours of Kerala cuisine!

jinson Travancore Restaurant

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