Chef of the year Aberdeen - 2023

Chef Jinson Paul Wins Big at the Scottish Curry Awards! 2023

Travancore Restaurant has made a name for itself in Aberdeen by bringing forth the delicious and traditional flavors of Kerala.

Already a symbol of culinary excellence, the recent win by Chef Jinson Paul at the Scottish Curry Awards has added yet another golden feather to its cap, making the celebration even more special.

The awards ceremony took place on Tuesday, May 2 at The Marriott Hotel in Glasgow after being eagerly anticipated for several months and and featured some intense competition. The grand event saw more than 400 guests in attendance, all gathered to celebrate the brilliance within the Scottish curry industry.

The evening was a spectacle of recognition and appreciation for the talents and relentless efforts of individuals and establishments contributing to the industry’s richness.

Chef Jinson Paul, a key culinary artist at Travancore, was bestowed with the esteemed title of Chef of the Year.

The award signifies not only his cooking prowess but also his unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting Kerala’s diverse culinary heritage. The joy and pride of this monumental achievement were shared by the entire Travancore family, making the occasion even more memorable.

The Scottish Curry Awards, celebrating its 15th year of honouring culinary excellence, is a revered platform that recognizes achievements across various categories, including Chef of the Year, Voter’s Best Choice Restaurant of the Year, Curry King or Queen, and Curry Restaurant of the Year. Being honoured at such a prestigious event speaks volumes about the quality, authenticity, and the unique culinary experience that Travancore Restaurant promises and delivers to its patrons.

This award is a symbol of Travancore’s commitment to offering a genuine taste of Kerala in Aberdeen.

Every dish served is a melody of fresh ingredients and traditional spices, representing the rich culinary tapestry of southwestern India. The restaurant’s journey, marked by hand-picked recipes and generations of perfection, is a culinary adventure that patrons cherish.

Travancore owes a large part of its success to its wonderful patrons. Their steadfast support and loyalty have played a key role in shaping the restaurant’s story. The team is thrilled and inspired to keep uncovering and sharing the distinct flavors of Kerala cuisine with the world.

The award given to Chef Jinson is a celebration of culinary tradition, cultural variety, and the delight of imparting exciting new tastes to the world.

Inspired by this acknowledgment, the Travancore team is more committed than ever to create delightful and memorable dining experiences for their guests.

We end by extending hearty congratulations to Chef Jinson Paul for this well-deserved achievement and we also extend a warm invitation to all food enthusiasts to join in the continued celebration of flavours and to be a part of this exciting culinary journey!